Civic League
Board of Directors
The Kemp Woods Civic League (KWCL) is a group of neighbors who volunteer their time for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of our neighborhood.   We are bound by the Kemp Wood Constitution.   We can be contacted using the Contact Us button and select "Board of Directors".
Volunteer Needed
Vice President
Volunteer Needed
Maggie Gallagher
Wayne MacKinnon
Member at Large
Mark Sullivan
Member at Large
Ed Baughman
Member at Large
Jim Lang
Member at Large
Jody Gettys
What We Do
KWCL maintains the front entranceway, hosts membership meetings, sponsors community events (annual block party, semi-annual yard sales, Christmas luminaries) and kid events (Easter Egg Hunt, Fourth of July Parade, Halloween Parade). In addition, the KWCL delivers an monthly electronic newsletter , publishes a resident directory to dues paid members, maintains a Facebook and separate website for up-to-date communications. Through our Neighborhood Watch, we also serve as a liaison between the police and our community to provide information regarding safety issues.
Why A Civic League Is Important
Over the years, the KWCL has resolved several important community issues:  It convinced Chesapeake Public Works to address our flooding problem by replacing a drainage pipe from our lake; it recommended changes to developers and City Planners to make the new homes in adjacent developments more architecturally compatible with ours; and it voiced opposition to prevent Shenandoah Parkway from becoming a major road for through traffic.
When We Meet
The Board of Directors meets the second Thursday of each month.  The General Membership meeting is held each May and October. You are welcome to attend any or all meetings.   Our goal is to represent our community the way you want it represented and not the way we may perceive you want it represented. That can only happen if you join us and make your views heard.  
How You Can Join 
Membership costs $40 annually, and it supports so much.  If you are new to the area and have not yet joined the Civic League, you may register on this site or print a Membership Application.   You may also go to Contact Us and click on "Board of Directors" and someone will be in touch with you.  Either way, mail your check to the following address:
Kemp Woods Civic League
P.O. Box 1833
Chesapeake, VA 23320-1833