Neighborhood Crime Report
Chesapeake Police Dept. Report
Chesapeake Police Department Officers from the 5th precinct are invited to our monthly Civic League Board meetings.  Here is their latest report:
Officers RT Smith and M Hill attended on behalf of the 5th Police Precinct. They indicated no specific concerns in Kemp Woods proper but once again cautioned that there is an increasing rate of Vehicle tampering in Chesapeake. What is particularly concerning is that if a thief sees something valuable through the window, and the door is locked, they are inclined to break in. The precaution is to ensure that valuable items are out of view and vehicles are securely locked.
There was also a discussion concerning what constitutes an abandoned vehicle. Contrary to what we had heard previously, it was pointed out that if the police received a complaint from a “concerned citizen” they would examine the vehicle and mark it so that any movement would be evident. After 48 hours they would return and if the vehicle hadn't moved, an orange sticker would be posted on the vehicle to remove it. If after a further 48 hours, the vehicle could be towed (regardless of whether or not it had current tags and state inspection). It was also noted that this applies to any type of vehicle on the street but not to vehicles on private property as this would be a City ordinance matter.
Responding to a concern raised by a League Member, the officers were asked if they were familiar with City laws or ordinances that relate to dogs defecating on public or private property. Officer Hill did an immediate review of city code 10-23 and advised that stated that an individual who actually sees a dog defecate on private or public property - without its owner immediately picking it up - should try to identify the individual and report the incident to Animal Control. In such cases, Animal Control will follow up with a warning. If, on the other hand, Animal Control witnesses the activity directly, they will write a citation on the spot.
Officer Hill offered to be a point of contact for any and all concerns from the board.
Throughout the year you may see door to door salespeople. Before they start selling they are required to go to police station and register who they are, what they are selling etc. They will be given badges that look like this:
The first thing you should ask is to see thier badge.  If they do not have this badge, report it to the police (382-6161) and let them deal with it. The city of Chesapeake does not look kindly on this activity.
Ed Baughman
A/KWCL President
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