Architectural Committee         

The Architectural Committee is a group of neighbors who volunteer their time to ensure that the homeowners in Kemp Woods adhere to the Covenants, which help maintain and increase our property values.   Kemp Woods Covenants are a “legal, binding” document applicable to all residents, Civic League member or not.   Please take the time to read through them because they provide the rules we neighbors must consider before moving on with projects such as pools, fences, sheds, etc.

**** Currently, we need more volunteers for this committee to assist our Chairperson in handling Architectural Committee matters.  Any Kemp Woods resident or Civic League member with a construction or architectural background would really be helpful.  However, anyone who has a strong desire to keep Kemp Woods at their highest standard is also welcome.  Please contact us if you would like more info or if you'd be interested in volunteering.      ****

Chairman          Steve Arcipowski  
Member             VACANT                        
Member             VACANT
Member             VACANT
Member             VACANT
How You Apply For Site Improvement Changes                                                               
  1. Compose a letter describing your project in as much detail as possible. 
  2. Obtain a copy of your plot survey from the City Circuit Court Clerk Office.
  3. Draw out on your plot survey what and where you wish to place your project. (i.e.: If it is a fence, draw the rough placement on the lot, keeping in mind covenant restrictions.)
  4. If you have any booklets or literature describing your project, attach a copy to your request.
  5. Put all of the this information together in an envelope and submit a copy to the Architectural Committee Chairman. Since this position is currently vacant, submit to the KWCL Board.  
  6. The committee has up to 30 days to review your project. Although it may not take that long, keep in mind that this is an all-volunteer committee, and at times we may not have all of our committee members available. Therefore, please plan ahead and submit your plans early, and we will do our best to see that your project moves along quickly.

 For general questions, contact the Board by using the Contact Us link on the Home Page.