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Upcoming Events
Halloween Event
Thursday, October 31st
A Halloween event for our community trick-or-treaters before they head out on the trail for goblin goodies.
5K Fun Run / Food Drive
Saturday, November 9th
POC is Jody Gettys: kwclkids@gmail.com

Neighborhood News
Community Meeting Summary
Posted on Oct 14th, 2019
A community meeting was held on October 7 at Resurrection Lutheran Church. More than 100 residents were in attendance. Following is a summary of the discussion at the meeting. The full minutes will be published on this website after final approval by the Civic League Board at their next meeting.
There were two primary topics of discussion at the meeting. In brief:
1.      Alligator Grass in the lakes. Joseph Growney presented an update on the continuing efforts to control and eliminate the growth of alligator grass in our lakes. Primarily due to the efforts of Joseph and Jaime Growney, the City of Chesapeake has agreed to perform three treatments in Lake 1. These have helped significantly but are not a complete solution.
It is incumbent on residents to keep debris out of the gutter system that flows into the lakes. Specifically, leaves, grass clippings, pool water, and fertilizers.
2.      Thrasher Development. There was an extensive discussion on this subject. Jim Lang represented the Board with updates to residents on the current status of the development.
a.      We have attempted to communicate with Mr. Thrasher through his attorney, specifically requesting a 100-foot buffer between the development and Kemp Woods. There has been no response, and the trees within that suggested buffer area have been cut down.
b.      The Board has also expressed strong opposition to any type of access to these developments through Kemp Woods. Specifically the east end of Shenandoah Parkway and south end of Winchester Way.
c.      Mr. Thrasher’s original development plan given to the City has now been divided into two proposals, The Retreat and Lake Thrasher Landing. This will require two separate votes by City Council.
The Retreat is a 55+ community of 450 small homes on 93 acres and is not contiguous with Kemp Woods. This will be the first vote with City Council, perhaps as early as their November meeting. The Landing is 1400 units directly adjacent to Kemp Woods and has been placed on hold at this time.
Plan moving forward.
The Board will continue to reach out to leadership in the adjoining communities to learn how they assess the Thrasher projects and whether we can work together.
The Board has had several individual meetings with City Council members and will continue this effort until we have spoken with all of them.
We will keep the Community updated on when these developments come before City Council for a vote, and how members can best participate in this process. Updates will be made through this website, the monument sign at the entrance to Kemp Woods, flyers, and email.
KWCL Thrasher Development Awareness
Posted on Sep 20th, 2019
As promised the KWCL Board is providing updated information to our residents regarding the current issues we are facing with the recent tree removal bordering the south and east sides of Kemp Woods by the developer of the projects proposed at the Thrasher property.  Along with updating residents on the events of this week, please note that we need you to . . .
Be alert for further word from the Civic League as to the date of the Planning Commission hearing.  We need you to attend.
The letter contained within the following link will describe details that will help our residents be aware of the current situation we find ourselves in with the Thrasher property and the plans moving forward.  Please read! KWCL Thrasher Development Awareness Letter
Lake Treatment Update
Posted on Aug 30th, 2019
As residents may be aware, there has been considerable concern about the proliferation of so named “alligator weed” in the lakes. Several weeks ago the City of Chesapeake acknowledged that they were responsible for maintaining the integrity of our lakes as they were part of the city storm water system.
The preliminary course of action was an herbicide treatment. The product used is a systemic herbicide that will reportedly not harm the water quality. The first partial application was made in Lake 2 on August 17th . A second treatment of Lake 2 is scheduled for August 30th. The normal course is for three treatments to be made. According to the city’s contractor, Point Source Environmental, the result of the treatments is that the alligator weed turn into an algae bloom and drop to the bottom of the lake.
Unfortunately this creates “food” for additional vegetation to form. According to the City’s contractor monthly maintenance treatments will be required once the initial series is completed. The alligator weed problem is not unique to Kemp Woods, also being found in drainage ditches in the Sommerton and Kemp Bridge developments.
The Civic League Board would like to acknowledge the excellent work of Jamie and Joseph Growney who have worked with the City to address this ongoing issue.
We will continue to update residents through the website as more news on this situation becomes available.
Election Officials Needed
Posted on Jul 13th, 2019
November 5th seems like a long way away, but the Chesapeake Registrar’s office is calling for volunteers to serve that day in one of the voting precincts. If you are interested, a four hour training class is required (two hour ‘refresher’ if you have volunteered in the past.) Training classes will be held Oct 16th to 23rd at the General Registrar’s office located at 411 Cedar Road. To learn more please call 757-277-9797.

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What's Up
City of Chesapeake Bulk Pick-up Service
Have you noticed the large truck with boom arm and claw that occasionally comes through the neighborhood? That is the ‘bulk pick-up service’ that the City offers. If you have limbs or other yard debris that won’t fit into clear plastic bags you can pile it at the curb in front of your home and the city will pick it up.
To initiate the service please call bulk pick-up at 757-382-2489 before 5 pm on Thursday. Limbs and branches should be cut to 4-foot lengths or the claw will not be able to grab them.
Please note, after the truck leaves you are responsible for sweeping up any leftover debris. This is actually a city ordinance (Section 62-7). More than that, as we get into the season with potentially heavy rainfall, leaves and small twigs can quickly clog the storm drains and cause backups into the street. Please help keep the community safe by cleaning up the leftovers.
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