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2021 Membership Drive
Posted on Jan 30th, 2021
Dear Neighbor,
Here is hoping that 2021 is a far better year than 2020! But whatever the new year brings, your KWCL will press forward in service to our members and residents. Members will continue to enjoy various social and community events (subject to the restraints of COVID 19). Furthermore, your KWCL board works with neighboring civic leagues to provide “strength in unity” when addressing issues with city government to safeguard our property values and quality of life.
While this past year has seen COVID cancelations of our Block Party and much of our Family Program, your Civic League has been fully engaged with Food Drives, front entrance improvements, and of course our neighboring Thrasher Borrow Pit disruptions. Now, as we hope things get back to normal in 2021, we seek your ongoing support Kemp Woods Civic League as it provides funding for programs and calendar of events. Dues remain at $40 per year. And as we do every year, we encourage you to volunteer where you can – a lot can be accomplished in as little as five hours a year.
More to the point, we expect to be impacted by the property development adjacent to Kemp Woods. The plans include a high-density rezoning which may impact Kemp Woods’ property values. We will ensure that our membership is kept abreast of developments in this regard. Look for updates on the Members’ Only section of our website and during our frequent Zoom General Membership Meetings.
Lastly, please take a few minutes to complete the form (enclosed). We use the membership form to aid the board in maintaining up-to-date community information. The membership information is never sold or given away and is strictly used for KWCL purposes only. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any board member.
Maggie Gallagher
KWCL Secretary
Be Alert! Auto Break-Ins
Posted on Dec 20th, 2020
Our counterparts at Kemp Bridge HOA report two recent cases of vandals rummaging through unlocked cars in their neighborhood which, as you know, borders Kemp Woods.  The most recent instance was on Saturday night (December 19).  Thankfully the vandals are not breaking glass to access the vehicles.  Similar acts of vandalism have on occasion occurred in our neighborhood but, thankfully, not of late.  Well, it looks like it is time once again to be vigilant.  KWCL reminds all residents to lock your vehicle and do not leave anything of value in your vehicle. 

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What's Up
Please click this link to see the full calender of events for our community in 2021.
Have You Seen the Rocks?
If you take a walk around our neighborhood you may have seen the painted rocks that have appeared in recent days. They are delightful! We've captured most of them in a photo album. Check it our in the photo album link and then look for them as you walk. Kemp Woods Rocks!
City of Chesapeake Bulk Pick-up Service
Have you noticed the large truck with boom arm and claw that occasionally comes through the neighborhood? That is the ‘bulk pick-up service’ that the City offers. If you have limbs or other yard debris that won’t fit into clear plastic bags you can pile it at the curb in front of your home and the city will pick it up.
To initiate the service please call bulk pick-up at 757-382-2489 before 5 pm on Thursday. Limbs and branches should be cut to 4-foot lengths or the claw will not be able to grab them.
Please note, after the truck leaves you are responsible for sweeping up any leftover debris. This is actually a city ordinance (Section 62-7). More than that, as we get into the season with potentially heavy rainfall, leaves and small twigs can quickly clog the storm drains and cause backups into the street. Please help keep the community safe by cleaning up the leftovers.
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